One of the most important events of a young girl’s life is the sweet achievement of a 16th birthday.  Every girl looks forward to that birthday milestone when friends and relatives celebrate the numerical transformation of a young girl becoming an adult.  This special event is celebrated in many ways.  Sixteen Birthday ideas can include parties, travel, nights on the town or just simple get together with friends and family.  Some of the Top Ten Sweet 16 Ideas Include:

1. Night Club Party

2. Red Carpet Affair

3.  Princess Theme Party

4. Go green party at a farm or zoo

5.  Backyard Barbecue or Pool Party

6. Rent a Hall Party with DJ

7.  Casino Night

8.  Karaoke Party Night

9. Party Games Night

10. Sleepover Party

This list is just a small sampling of sweet 16 ideas for a 16th birthday party. There are many other options for a sweet 16 celebration that do not have to include a party. The sweet 16 girl also has to decide on a theme, party dress, accessories, hair style, makeup, music, invitations and even what gifts they would like. A great eBook that has many suggestions that help the 16th birthday make her day special and unforgettable. This book considers celebrations on a budget as well as great non party celebration ideas. The eBook is called Sweet 16 Ideas written by Emily Guerin. This eBook can be found on Amazon, Barns and Noble and ITunes. For under $3, you will get priceless tips that will make your daughter’s special day unforgettable!

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Bake Pops for Sale!


IMG_1591-1, Make money with bake pops

Make Money with Bake Pops!

There are endless reasons to create delicious cake pops with the bake pops baking pan and accessories. Eating the delicious creations made with your bake pops pan is the number one reason. A not far behind reason number two is to make some extra money creating delicious cake pops.

Who Sells Cake Pops?

Do a search on the internet for purchasing cake pops and you will find many sources. Many of these sources are local bakeries to visit and a number of internet bakeries will also ship these awesome creations. So with so many entrepreneurs taking advantage of the cake pop popularity wave, why don’t you?

Anyone can make and sell Cake Pops

I was visiting a rural Catskill Community of Livingston Manor this past weekend. The local extravaganza was about to launch; the annual Trout Parade. Trout Fishing is an important part of the culture and local economy for this small town. Prior to the start of the parade, a friendly, quaint festival took place with vendors from around the region. The most popular entrepreneur turned out to be a local mom who created and sold delicious cake pops. Check this post out for great tools to create your bake pops!

The Bake Pops Baking Kit Makes it easy to profit!

I was able to have her explain how she made cake pops and she described excitedly how easy it was to make these cake pops with the as seen on tv bake pops baking pan and accessory kit. She described how she and her children created hundreds of cake pops to be sold at the parade. The cake on a stick was a tremendous success as she sold every one and made a nice tidy sum selling the cake pops for $2 each. I asked her more about the purchase and where she found the pans and she talked about a website called Mybakepopsreview that had articles and blogs that gave her the idea about making money with cake pops and using this dessert baking idea as an opportunity to spend quality family time together.

So, if you are looking for money making ideas for your children this summer or need a way for your children to supercharge their lemonade stands, the bake pops baking pan kit could be the answer. Cake pops are easy and fun to create with the Bake Pops Baking System and could make this summer stimulating and profitable for your children!


Patriotic Bake Pops, Patriot cupcakes created by

Patriotic Bake Pops for Memorial Day

The official start of summer is here with the Memorial Day Weekend upon us. Barbecues and cookouts will be the feature of the weekend. What better addition to your summer kick-off celebration than patriotic cake pops. These cake pops were created by “Sugar” of the website cooking with sugar. These red, white and blue bake pops will surely impress those hungry kids and those picky dessert eaters.

Recipe for the Patriotic Bake Pops

Ingredients (makes 40-50 cake pops):

1 box of Betty Crocker® cake mix of your choice
1 1/3 cups of water
1/2 cup vegetable oil
3 eggs
1 (12 oz) can Betty Crocker® frosting of your choice
1 (14 oz) bag of candy melts of your choice
1 teaspoon shortening
Popsicle sticks
Colored decorative cookie sprinkles of your choice
A flat piece of Styrofoam
Bake Pops Baking Kit

To learn about more cake pop pans and tools to create these delicious features, go to the post, Awesome Cake Pop Tools!


Create Cake Mix and pour into pan.
Bake at 350 degrees for 25-30 minutes.
Remove bake pops from the oven and let sit for 10 minutes.
Melt a small amount of candy coating with patriotic colors in the microwave oven.
Dip Popsicle sticks into candy coating and then into the cake balls.
Lay the sticks and cake balls onto wax paper until all the balls are coated.
Dip the balls and swirl in candy coating.
Dip into red white and blue sprinkles and colored sugars.
Set the beautiful bake pops into the Styrofoam holder.

Have a great Cake Pop filled Memorial Day Weekend

Enjoy your Memorial Day Weekend with these delicious bake pops and remember the reason for this holiday! Thank a Veteran and add these delicious cake pop treats to your holiday menu! Widgets

Bake Pops Baking Kit for Free?


bake pops

How do you win a Bake Pops Baking Pan and Accessory Kit for Free?

Bake Pops is the awesome baking pan created to make delicious cake pops without the hassle of rolling cake balls out of scrap cake pieces. This baking kit comes with easy to follow directions to make delicious and beautiful cake pops that will have your friends and family jealous at your next holiday party or special occasion. The Bake Pops baking pan kit can be purchased through the banners on this page or………….

How do you get Bake Pops for Free?

The best way to get Bake Pops for free is to “like” the My Bake Pops Review Facebook Fan page found at this link:


If you are reading this blog before May 28, 2012, than you have a chance to win this awesome baking kit right away by random choice of the new “likes” received since May 20th. If you are reading this blog after May 28th, then you can still win additional giveaways by “liking” the Facebook Fan page and becoming a featured fan, participate in other giveaway campaigns or by participating in bake pops competitions offered as part of the membership experience.

What is on the My Bake Pops Review Facebook Fan page?

By being part of this fan page, you will receive recipes, pictures, baking tips and have the opportunity to network with other cake pops bakers. Giveaways and competitions will be offered as noted above. Being part of the cake pop baker community makes baking these delicious treats even more enjoyable. Adults and kids of all ages will enjoy being part of this fan network! Making Cake Pops is all the rage in the baking and dessert community and you can be right in the forefront of ideas, news and recipes.

How to purchase a Bake Pops Kit?

The easiest way to purchase this cake pop making pan kit and accessories is to click on the banner above or to click on the link below:

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So take a chance at winning a free bake pops baking kit or just purchase one to enjoy hours of fun by yourself or with friends and family. Purchase or win a cake pops baking pan for an awesome birthday gift for that someone special or use the cake pop maker to make a few dollars creating and selling delicious cake pops at your kid’s next lemonade stand or even for a professional dessert catering business. The uses and functionality of the bake pops baking kit is endless so try and win yours for free today.


Bake Pops

Bake pops: A great kitchen invention and one of many great business ideas for kids!

If you have kids and they love to eat sweets or bake, then Bake Pops kitchen pans are a must have for the baking arsenal. Bake pops are a recent offering giving kids and adults a reason to jump into the kitchen and get those creative baking juices flowing! As one of many business ideas for kids, imagine trays of bake pops next to the lemonade stand your kids are operating this summer. The bake pops will be a real hit with neighbors and thirsty customers!

Bake Pops: Easy and Profitable to Make

Bake Pops can be made from your own kitchen. Just fill the specially designed Bake Pop pan with ANY cake mix, put on the custom lid and POP it in the oven. Before you know it, you’ll have 18 bite-sized cake pops ready to decorate and eat! If Bake Pops are for your business ideas for kids, just a few dollars worth of flour, sugar and icing will create a terrific profit margin to sell at bake sales and lemonade stands. Kids will learn a valuable lesson analyzing the cost of baking materials versus the profits collected by the sale of Bake Pops. Business ideas for kids should include children on the decisions regarding the cost and purchasing of materials to determine if the business idea is a good one.

Bake Pops: What supplies to you need?

The supplies needed for creative Bake Pops include cake mix, melting chocolate in different colors, sprinkles, icing and lollipop sticks which are included with the Bake Pop baking kit. Of course you need an oven to bake and a creative mind to make exciting and delicious looking Bake Pops! The Bake Pop kit includes 1 baking pan, 18 reusable Pop-Sticks, 18 Wraps and Ties, one decorating idea guide and one squeeze bottle.

Where can you purchase your Bake Pop kit for fun or Business ideas for Kids?

As seen on TV, Bake Pops can be ordered below on the internet or by phone. To get your Bake Pop kit now, click on the picture below:

    Great Product!
    Great Family Fun!
    Could be Great Profit!
    Easy to Make!
    Gets kids excited to bake!

Bake Pops: A Summary

When considering great ideas for gifts, business ideas for kids, baking ideas for the kitchen or just an all around great product to have some fun in the kitchen, Bake Pops is product for you. Purchase this great product through the banners or links provided and enjoy the delicious goodies made from the Bake Pop kit.

To learn more about blogging and how I helped my kids start their own monetized blog while exploring business ideas for kids:

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